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12/29/21 Non-Goal of the Week

Our inaugural non-goal of the week comes to us from the extremely rude 4-0 win by Liverpool over de facto Liverpool farm team Southampton. While the goals from Liverpool were typically terrific, what might go un-noticed are the plays that didn't result in pantomime video game goal celebrations by Liverpool strikers (you've likely seen the headline that goal-scorer Diogo Jota had to quit his FIFA 22 tournament mid-game to get to his IRL soccer game on time).

Here's a non-goal that you won't see on the re-cap shows: a two-pass 100-yard jailbreak that springs Jota into a ton of space and sets up a shot on goal. Thiago's look-away horizontal pass from his own box and Trent Alexander-Arnold's one-touch outside-of-the-foot ball through to Jota get Liverpool into scoring position in about 5 seconds. Goal? No. Brilliant non-goal of the like Liverpool is serving up several times a game this year? Yes, please.


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