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NGOTW: A Busquets Bonanza

It's hard to imagine life without Sergio Busquets at the back of Barcleona's midfield, but I'll have to get used to it. In what's likely his last season for the Barça, Busquets continues to churn out non-goals game in and game out. In the Non-Goals book I write at length about the minimalist greatness of Busquets—whether he's playing perfectly-timed first-touch passes into space or deploying his super slow-mo fakes that continue to deceive enthusiastic opponents, Busquets delivers non-goals at a world-class rate. Here are 4 from Barça's win vs Celta Vigo that are representative of his consistent greatness.

Busquets' first-touch passing has always been at the highest level, as if the man lives in a constant rondo. Here are two examples of how his awareness and vision allow him to play first-time passed to teammates into space.

His fakes on the ball—how do they fool anyone? They seem to be so slow and predictable yet they always work. A master at using his opponents' enthusiasm against them, Busquets will often fake a backward pass only to turn back forward and play a teammate in open space.


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