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12/10/21 Non-Goal of the week

What do you do when literally every other player on your team is not helping?

If you're Napoli's Hirving Lozano, you sprint ahead of the opposing team and hang on to the ball as long as you can until reinforcements arrive. Lozano's somehow able to keep possession against several Atalanta defenders and find a teammate who can begin an attack. Even though this play results in a goal, it's Lozano's non-goal that makes it all possible.

Here's a breakdown:

Lozano starts the counter-attack by sprinting ahead of 7 Atalanta defenders.

He takes the ball almost to the end line while he waits for support.

Finally some help arrives and he finds a way out of trouble.

He's clearly tired after taking on the entire defense on his own.

But he's got just enough left to celebrate the goal.


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