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Non-Goal of the Week: 4/20/22

Goalkeepers don't get enough love here at NGFC, but here's a fantastic non-goal from FC Barcelona's Marc-Andre ter Stegen that's just as spectacular as anything you'll see from the guys on the field without gloves.

After a weak back-pass from the rusty and dusty Clement Lenglet, ter Stegen finds himself in a tight spot--he's got a Cadiz attacker sprinting toward what looks like it might be a 50/50 ball. Most goalkeepers would probably clear the ball into the stands and throw a dirty look toward Lenglet as the ball sails into the upper deck. Instead, ter Stegen cooly chips the ball directly over the sprinting attacker, buying himself a ton of time and space to play the ball out to the feet of Jordi Alba on the sideline. It's a startling display of skill and panache from ter Stegen--easily one of the best non-goals we've seen from a keeper this year.


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